Top 10 Men's Basketball Sports Graphics

March Madness is upon us and basketball buzz is in the air. Television graphics become more sophisticated and sports networks tend to have very eye-catching ones. When you’re finished with this tutorial you’ll be able to recreate some righteous TV graphics often seen on ESPN.

The first thing we’re going to do is start off with a simple rectangle using the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Draw one over 1000 px long. To round the corners, go to the top menu and click Select>Modify>Smooth:

Once smoothed, fill with red.

Ctrl+T to transform and drag the top center module right while holding in CTRL to skew the shape into a parallelogram.

Right-click the layer in the Layer Panel and Duplicate from the menu. Color this duplicate black and Ctrl+T to transform again. Hold in SHIFT this time while dragging the corners to scale it down proportionately. I’ve zoomed out on the following image to show you what I was working with.

You can marquee select the end here and select the Move Tool (V) and drag the black towards the right end.

You can fill in the missing piece of black easily by marquee selecting the middle black and Ctrl+T again dragging the right middle transform module towards the missing sections.

At this point, we can combine the two shapes. Link both layers and Ctrl+E to merge them into 1 shape. The first step for creating some gloss is to Magic Wand click the outside of the shape and Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse the selection. This will contain the bar shape and only everything inside. Make a new blank layer in the Layers Panel above the red/black bar and draw a white gradient with Foreground to Transparent selected as its tool option.

Draw a marquee box and press delete to complete the gloss on the bar.

Now we’re going to make the rank # box. Start with another marquee selection on a new layer.

Round it out and fill it with any color. Any will do because we’re going to put a Gradient Overlay layer style on it. To achieve this double-click the actual layer in the Layers Panel. Click the checkbox beside Gradient Overlay and then click in the gradient. This opens the gradient editor. You can click more boxes to add colors and drag and drop to take away colors. There are little diamonds in between the color boxes you can slide to give even more control to how the colors fade into each other. I pulled the gray into the white a touch to create a harder line to simulate a shine.

Draw another rounded box selection and delete the middle to create the frame.

You can use all the techniques shown thus far to create this parallelogram shape. The cool thing about layer styles is that you can copy them. After drawing the solid color shape on a new layer, you can right-click the silver gradient layer style, Copy Layer Style, and then go to the new shape and right-click Paste Layer Style. Once that was done I linked both layers, Ctrl+E combined them into one layer that I named “Trim”. Here is how my layers looked like at this point: the trim frames at the top, bar gloss beneath that and the red/black bar beneath its gloss. Slide in a new layer between the bar and the gloss for some Typography. I used BellGothik font bolded.

Duplicate the bar layer 9 more times and merge them. You can alternatively duplicate once for a total of 2, combine those and repeat for a total of 4, 8, so on.

Combine all the bar duplicates into one layer and do the same process for the gloss layer.

Once you’ve done the same for the trim frames you can still slide in more typography in between the bars and the gloss layer.

When finished with the type, you can paste in schools underneath the logo frames.

Add some unique logo shines by creating another white to transparent gradient.

This time use the Elliptical Marquee option in the marquee tool.

Delete and clean up the outside around the shape. This curved gloss will give the logo graphics a convex rounded appearance.

The last section of the tutorial will focus on the creation of the top banner. Create this shape and double click the layer in the Layers Panel. This will bring up the Layer Style options again to make a gradient stroke. Once you’re happy with the settings, create another layer on top of this, select both and click Ctrl+E to merge them. This will bake in the layer style making it uneditable.

The reason we’re baking this style in, is because we’re going to add another gradient stroke on around the existing one.

Instead of a white gradient gloss that we’ve done twice, we can use a dark gray gradient.

Draw another rectangle and make another Gradient Overlay layer style on it. This time use reds. Use the Lasso Tool to cut away this shape:

You can make the same shape shorter by selecting a portion in the middle…


Select the right portion…

And nudging it over to the left.

For the gold banner you can simply use one of the old bars and use a Gradient Overlay layer style with some yellows and tans or make it again from scratch. In the Layers Panel with the red banner designs you can pull the Opacity and Fill down to 80% to give them some transparency.

Here’s what the graphics look like with a final logo and an arena picture dropped in behind them!

Click here for the High-Resolution. If you have and trouble with any of the steps, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to elaborate.

By Mark Rivera

Mark is an animator and ad designer for WebProNews. He has a passion for illustration and 3D art.

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