To Flash or Not to Flash

We’re not talking about Mardi Gras here, but the conundrum of whether or not to make your new site with Adobe Flash. The prospect of having a shiny new flash site with animated transitions, moving shadows and transforming navigation can sound pretty attractive, but what good will it do if potential visitors can’t find your site? For some time search engines have had issues finding keywords in flash. There was a time some developers would argue you to never use it.

But with so much flash out there today, the internet is evolving to detect it better. According to Search Engine Land, Google has been altering its algorithm to better pull from flash files. While their efforts are to be applauded, this alone did not instill full confidence in developers.

Another tool you can employ is the <swfobject>. This has fast become a popular way of embedding flash into websites versus uploading a 100% flash site. The beauty of SWFObject is that the javascript allows you to write in your alt content which ends up being able to be indexed and crawled by search engines. Google is great and all, but you might as well shine a light so it can find you.

I often see very search-friendly WordPress blogs with engaging and attractive flash elements and headers. This tends to be the best compromise of form and function when completing the task of creating aesthetic animated websites that have the desire to bring more visitors.

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