Hotkeys for Photoshop

Here are some tips when you are using photoshop, they will probably come in handy some day!

  • Ctrl+A Select all
  • Ctrl+C Copy
  • Ctrl+D Deselect – removes marquee.
  • Ctrl+E Merge selected layers. To merge all layers with this keystroke, select all layers.
  • Ctrl+H Hide/Show selection (also known as marching ants).
  • Ctrl+N Create New File
  • Ctrl+S Save
  • Ctrl+U Adjust Hue/Saturation
  • Ctrl+V Pastes a copy in the center of a new layer
  • Ctrl+X Cut (useful for layers as it pastes the item to your computer’s clipboard, so you can paste it back in on a new layer using Ctrl+V)
  • Ctrl+Z Undo – if only real life had a Ctrl+Z!
  • Ctrl – Zoom out. Be sure to use the – on the keyboard, not the number pad.
  • Ctrl + Zooms in. Be sure to use the + on the keyboard, not the number pad.
  • CTRL + J New layer

Help that helps! Read on for a full list!

Description PC Mac
Photoshop CS2 (Tools)
Spot Healing Brush J J
Red Eye Tool J J
Photoshop CS2 (File Menu)
Browse (Launch Adobe Bridge) Ctrl+Alt+O Cmd+Option+O
Close and Go To Bridge Ctrl+Shift+W Cmd+Shift+W
File Info Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I Cmd+Option+Shift+I
Open As Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O Cmd+Option+Shift+O
Menus Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M Cmd+Option+Shift+M
Photoshop CS2 (Animation Palette)
New Frame (Animation Palette) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F Cmd+Option+Shift+F
Select All Layers Ctrl+Alt+A Cmd+Option+A
Photoshop CS2 (Image Menu)
Image Size (Thank you!!!) Ctrl+Alt+I Cmd+Option+I
Canvas Size (It’s about time!) Ctrl+Alt+C Cmd+Option+C
Photoshop CS2 (Layers)
Create Release Clipping Mask Ctrl+Alt+G Cmd+Option+G
Group Layers Ctrl+G Cmd+G
Select Previous Layer Alt+Shift+ [ Option+Shift+ [
Select Next Layer Alt+Shift+ ] Option+Shift+ ]
Select Bottom Layer Alt+ , (comma) Option+ , (comma)
Select Top Layer Alt+ . (period) Option+ . (period)
Select Layers to Bottom Layer Alt+Shift+ , (comma) Option+Shift+ , (comma)
Select Layers to Top Layer Alt+Shift+ . (period) Option+Shift+ . (period)
Ungroup Layers Ctrl+Shift+G Cmd+Shift+G
Photoshop CS2 (Filter Menu)
Vanishing Point Ctrl+Alt+V Cmd+Option+V
Photoshop CS2 (Selections)
Add Composite Selection Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ ~ Cmd+Option+Shift+ ~
Add Layer Mask Selection Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ \ Cmd+Option+Shift+ \
Add Selection Channel 1 thru 9 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 thru 9 Cmd+Option+Shift+1 thru 10
Adobe Bridge (File Menu)
New Window Ctrl+N Cmd+N
New Folder Ctrl+Shift+N Cmd+Shift+N
Open in Camera Raw??� Ctrl+R Cmd+R
Open Ctrl+O Cmd+O
Eject Ctrl+E Cmd+E
Close Window Ctrl+W Cmd+W
Move to Recycle Bin (Delete Image or Folder) Ctrl+Del Cmd+Del
Return Adobe Photoshop CS2 Ctrl+Alt+O Cmd+Option+O
File Info??� Ctrl+Shift+Shift+I Cmd+Shift+Shift+I
Versions Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V Cmd+Shift+Option+V
Exit Ctrl+Q Cmd+Q
Adobe Bridge (Edit Menu)
Undo/Redo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z
Cut Ctrl+X Cmd+X
Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C
Paste Ctrl+V Cmd+V
Duplicate Ctrl+D Cmd+D
Select All Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Select Labeled Ctrl+Alt+L Cmd+Option+L
Select Unlabeled Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L Cmd+Shift+Option+L
Invert Select Ctrl+Shift+I Cmd+Shift+I
Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A Cmd+Shift+A
Find Ctrl+F Cmd+F
Copy Camera Raw Settings Ctrl+Alt+C Cmd+Option+C
Paste Camera Raw Settings Ctrl+Alt+V Cmd+Option+V
Rotate 90o Clockwise Ctrl+] Cmd+]
Rotate 90o Counter Clockwise Ctrl+[ Cmd+[
Creative Suite Color Settings??� Ctrl+Shift+K Cmd+Shift+K
Bridge Preferences Ctrl+K Cmd+K
?� ?� ?�
Adobe Bridge (Tools Menu)
Batch Rename Ctrl+Shift+R Cmd+Shift+R
Synchronise (Version Cue) Ctrl+Shift+B Cmd+Shift+B
Mark In Use (Version Cue) Ctrl+Shift+M Cmd+Shift+M
Save a Version??� (Version Cue) Ctrl+Shift+V Cmd+Shift+V
Make Alternates (Version Cue) Ctrl+Shift+G Cmd+Shift+G
?� ?� ?�
Adobe Bridge (View Menu)
Compact Mode Ctrl+Enter Cmd+Enter
Slide Show Ctrl+L Cmd+L
Show Thumbnails Only Ctrl+T Cmd+T
Refresh F5 F6
?� ?� ?�
Adobe Bridge (Label Menu)
No Rating Ctrl+0 Cmd+0
Assign * Rating Ctrl+1 Cmd+1
Assign ** Rating Ctrl+2 Cmd+2
Assign *** Rating Ctrl+3 Cmd+3
Assign **** Rating Ctrl+4 Cmd+4
Assign ***** Rating Ctrl+5 Cmd+5
Decrease Rating Ctrl+, Cmd+,
Increase Rating Ctrl+. Cmd+.
Assign Red label Ctrl+6 Cmd+6
Assign Yellow Label Ctrl+7 Cmd+7
Assign Green Label Ctrl+8 Cmd+8
Assign Blue Label Ctrl+9 Cmd+9
?� ?� ?�
Adobe Bridge (Window Menu)
Reset to Default Workspace Ctrl+F1 Cmd+F1
Light Box Ctrl+F2 Cmd+F2
File Navigator Ctrl+F3 Cmd+F3
Metadata Focus Ctrl+F4 Cmd+F4
Filmstrip Focus Ctrl+F5 Cmd+F5
Switch to User-Defined Workspaces Ctrl+F6 through F12 Cmd+F6 through F13
Minimise Ctrl+M Cmd+M
?� ?� ?�
Adobe Bridge (Misc)
Switch to Next Open Window Ctrl+(~) Cmd+(~)
Switch to Previous Open Window Ctrl+Shift+(~) Cmd+Shift+(~)
Switch View – Thumbnails, Filmstrip, etc Ctrl+\ Cmd+\
Switch to Previous View Ctrl+Shift+\ Cmd+Shift+\
Show Only Rated/Labeled Image Ctrl+Alt+Numeral for Label Cmd+Option+Numeral for Label
Select First Image Home Home
Select Last Image End End
Add to Selection (Discontiguous) Ctrl+Click Image Cmd+Click Image
Add to Selection (Contiguous) Ctrl+Shift+Click Last Image Cmd+Shift+Click Last Image
Delete Selected File Ctrl+Backspace Cmd+Backspace
Open Raw Image ??� Bypass Camera Raw Shift+2 Clicks Selected Image Shift+2 Clicks Selected Image
Open Image and Close Bridge Window Alt+2 Clicks Selected Image Option+2 Clicks Selected Image
Move Up One Image/Folder Up Arrow Up Arrow
Move Down One Image/Folder Down Arrow Down Arrow
Move Left One Image Left Arrow Left Arrow
Move Right One Image Right Arrow Right Arrow
Bridge Help F1 F2
Camera Raw
Camera Raw Preferences Ctrl+K Cmd+K
Use Auto Adjustments On/Off Ctrl+U Cmd+U
Undo/Redo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z
Undo Crtl+Alt+Z Crtl+Option+Z
Bypass Save Dialog Alt+Save Option+Save
Reset Image Settings Alt+Cancel Option+Cancel
Open Ctrl+O Cmd+O
Save Ctrl+S Cmd+S
Zoom Out Ctrl+(plus sign) Cmd+(plus sign)
Zoom In Ctrl+(minus sign) Cmd+(minus sign)
Zoom to Fit Ctrl+0 Cmd+1
Zoom Tool 100% Ctrl+Alt+0 (zero) Cmd+Option+0 (zero)
Straighten Tool A A
Crop Tool C C
Hand Tool H H
White Balance Tool I I
Rotate 90o Counter Clockwise L L
Highlight Clipping On/Off O O
Preview Adjustments On/Off P P
Rotate 90o Clockwise R R
Sample Tool S S
Shadow Clipping On/Off U U
Zoom Tool Z Z
Add Point to Curve Ctrl+Click Preview Cmd+Click Preview
Display Clipped Highlights Alt+drag Exposure Option+drag Exposure
Display Clipped Shadows Alt+drag Shadow Option+drag Shadow
Hide Blue/Yellow Fringe (Lens tab) Alt+drag Red/Cyan Option+drag Red/Cyan
Hide Red/Cyan Fringe (Lens tab) Alt+drag Blue/Yellow Option+drag Blue/Yellow
Temporary Hand Tool Spacebar Spacebar
Temporary White Balance Tool Shift Shift
Camera Raw (Working with Multiple Images)
Select All Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A Cmd+Shift+A
Select Rated Alt+Select All Option+Select All
Select First Image Home Home
Select Last Image End End
Add to Selection (Discontiguous) Alt+Click Image Option+Click Image
Add to Selection (Contiguous) Shift+Click Last Image Shift+Click Last Image
Delete Selected Image Ctrl+Del or Delete Cmd+Del or Delete
Move Up One Image Up Arrow Up Arrow
Move Down One Image Down Arrow Down Arrow
Bypass Synchronize Dialog Alt+Synchronize Option+Synchronize

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