Time Capsule: Installation & Tips

I’m not going to harp on the benefits of Time Capsule, as nearly everyone knows of its greatness by now. If not, then all I’ll say is, it’s a two-in-one system where you’ll have a wireless backup for your files, and a wireless network.

I figured I would take the time to let readers know of what they need to do to get Time Capsule setup. Also, a couple of troubleshooting steps to make sure Time Capsule is able to run effectively. So let’s get to it.

Installation Steps – For people using Time Capsule for their wireless network, and backup

1. Your first step will obviously be to get your modem connected to Time Capsule. Once the hands-on part is done, you’ll want to first open up AirPort. The click Time Capsule on the right

Troubleshooting Tip – If Time Capsule isn’t showing up through Airport, try connecting via Ethernet. If not try a hard reset. You can do a hard reset by pressing the button on the back of Time Capsule for a few seconds, until the light flashes quickly.

2. For the sake of this tutorial, I’m going to recommend that you do a manual install. For the manual install, make sure the AirPort heading is selected, and then click the Time Capsule tab.

3. The next step will be getting all of your general account information setup. Type in a name for Time Capsule, then a password for access, then check “Set Time Automatically”.

Tip – Your Time Capsule name shouldn’t reflect the name for your SSID. It can, it just can get confusing when needing to configure your network later. Also, make sure you have your time set correctly. If not your backups might start at less that convenient times 😉

4. Next, you’ll want to select which radio mode that you want to use. If you want background devices to be used in the network select 802.11n, if not select 802.11n 5Ghz.

5. Then you’ll want to select a channel for your network to be on. The default setting is channel 1.

Tip – Although Channel 1 is fine for most cases, keep an eye out. If you’re in an apartment building or somewhere with a large amount of wireless networks you might need to switch it to a higher number.

6. Your next step is to setup your network password, which will either be your WEP or WPA key.

Troubleshooting Tip – If you’re having problems setting up a WEP encryption, trying switching to WPA. There have been instances that people have had trouble with WEP

I hope that everyone will find use with these installation instructions. Time Capsule isn’t a hard setup, but there are some problems that people should be made aware of. If you don’t have Time Capsule, then it’s definitely an investment I recommend. If you’re a Windows user, you can take advantage of the Time Capsule benefits as well.

Time Capsule has a couple of options in terms of backup space.

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