The Stormy Sea

Today we’re going to be blending multiple images into a single cohesive final design.

To start, open a new document roughly 1680×1050. Then we are going to add a nice rich blue gradient. Set your starting colors to the following: (Location 0 set the color to #000818, Location 25 set the color to #000C31, Location 50 set the color to #39496B, Location 75 set the color to #6B7594, Location 100 set the color to #94A2BD)

Next download Asset01 here and add it to our document. Then using your pen tool, cut the skyline from the ocean. Now grab your Rectangle selection tool and select ¼ of the ocean and copy it to a new layer. Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the radius to 5.0 and hit OK.

Then we need to copy the gradient from the base layer to our ocean layer. You do this by right clicking the base layer and selecting copy layer style. Then go into your blending options and set the gradient to “Overlay”

Next duplicate the ocean layer and remove the gradient. Then set the layer to softlight and set the fill to 60%

Now we need to download our lightning brushes. The brushes I used can be found here. Once you have downloaded and installed the lighting brushes, set your foreground color to white and add some lightning to our document in a new layer.

Now go into your blending options and select Gradient overlay. Then set the starting color to #8d991d and the ending to #d9e464. Lastly set the gradient to color burn and hit OK.

Next we need to add our pirate ship; you can download the file here. Then scale the ship to fit in our document. Now we need to add an Inner and Outer Glow. First the Outer, Set the opacity to 15%, the color to #29395C, Technique to Softner, set the spread to 0, and the size to 10. And now the Inner. Set the opacity to 20%, the color to #000000, Technique to Softner, set the choke to 0, and the size to 70.

Using a soft eraser, remove part of the bottom of the ship.

Duplicate the ship layer.

Next add a white color overlay on the new ship layer. Make a new layer. Then select the new empty layer and the white ship layer and merge them with CTRL+E.

Now we need to add a gradient to our ship to blend it a bit better into the document. Set the gradient blend to Overlay, the opacity to 30%, the starting color to #000000, then ending color to #3A3A3A.

Now grab your cloner tool and hit Alt+Click to make a refernce selection. Then emulate the splashing wave on the bow of the ship. You can cheat here a little and rotate the waves on the ship to make it more realistic.

For this next part download and install this very cool Cloud Rendering brush here. Select the cloud brush and set your foreground color to #333333 using the brush make some stormy clouds.

Make a new layer and again using the brush tool make some accent cluds using #FFFFFF as the base. Then set the accent layer to Overlay.

Create a new layer and make to letter box borders 50 px tall each.

Finally, make a new layer and fill it with black. Then take your eliptical marquee tool and make an oval selection in the center of the black layer and hit the Delete key. Next go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur set the blur to 25 pixels and hit OK. Finally, set the layer to Overlay and the fill to 70% and you are finished

Click here to see the high resolution image.

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