The Power of Powermat Products

WebProNews stopped by Powermat’s booth at CES 2010, and got to check out the new products on display.

The Powermat Portable is the first product that was featured. This is an easy and cordless way to charge 3 devices at once. The mat folds up which makes it very convenient to take with you anywhere. The cost of the Powermat Portable will be $39-$79.

Single and Double position mats were also displayed. You can use these mats to charge all your electronic devices like iphones, blackberries, and ipods. They will cost from $69-$99 and will be available to buy in April.

The final product on display was the Powerpack. This is a replacement battery for mobile devices. It does not alter the look of your phone and makes it very easy to charge it. This will cost $30-$40 and available for purchase in June.

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