The Mystery and Speculation Behind 'iProd'

Back in March a product was discovered through the iPhone OS 3.0 SDK called, iProd. Then it was listed as iProd0,1 and raised flags around the Apple community. The product number was found nestled in the USBConfiguration.plist, and of course the rumors and speculation began to pour in. While there were flights of fantasy regarding the device, not too much was made of it because an identifier of 0,1 usually means ‘prototype’.

Fast forward to now and there has been an update in the iProd hype. With the iPhone OS 3.1 beta, the identifier has increased to ‘1,1’. This progression basically means that it has gone from prototype to an active product inside of Apple. Along with the progression, a productID has been attached as well.


Of course all of this information has led to speculation as to what the physical product actually is. There are rumors of an Apple Tablet PC that could be announced soon, that has also been rumored to run the iPhone OS. Along with that there are rumors of a camera-equipped iPod Nano could be the device. Unfortunately no one except a few at Apple know the truth. Luckily, with the recent updates it shouldn’t be long before we see a public release.

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