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Very simple tutorial that shows you how to put a face on another body…

1.) Open your source image and select the Lasso Tool (L).

2.) Begin to trace around the guys face, like the image below. Only release the mouse button when your done, as this automatically makes your selection.

3.) With the face selected, hit CTRL + C. The marching ants should disappear but don’t worry as you’ve just made a copy of your selection. With the arrow tool (V) click on the guys face to drag it over to the baby’s.

4.) Hit CTRL + T to bring up the resizing bounding box. Resize the image accordingly by holding down SHIFT and pusing the corners in. (Repeat this step as needed to get the appropriate size). Your image should look something like the following.

5.) Hit CTRL + M to bring up the Curves window. Mess around with different variations of curves. I’ve included the settings I used in the image below. (Repeat this step as needed to achieve proper color).

6.) Select the eraser tool (E) and choose a brush with a soft edge, and set the opacity down a bit. Begin to erase the harsh lines surrounding the new face layer. You should end up with something like the following.

7.) Now it’s time to fake the leg of the glasses. You can achieve this numerous ways… using the pen tool (P) to select and copy it, clone stamp tool (S), painting it in yourself… personally I chose the pen tool technique.

8.) Repeat the process for the mothers face… and you should end up with the following (or something close).

By Jeremy Muncy

Jeremy Muncy is a staff writer for

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