The Easiest Bling Text on the Web

One great thing about photoshop among all the others, is how easily you can create amazing looking text by just using simple brushes and blending options.

I am going to show you some simple ways to create bling text with perspective.

First I am going to create a new file and make my canvas 580X200px and make a new layer. In my new layer I will write “Time2Photoshop”, but write whatever you want. I am using a font called MotterFemD which I just chose randomly. Here it is if you would like to have it.

Download the font HERE.
Just right click and save as.

Just write whatever you want in the middle of your canvas with the color black because we are going to use a gradient overlay to change the color of it anyway. screenshot1.gif Now add these blending options to your text by right clicking on your text and clicking “blending options”:

Use these settings:


Gradient Overlay:

Inner Glow

Outer Glow:

Now you should have something that looks like this:

Now I am going to add a simple gradient behind the text in a new layer. So make a new layer behind the text and grab your
gradient tool:

Make the gradient linear and use these colors:

Hold down shift so you will get a perfectly straight line and drag from the top of the canvas downward.

Try to get something like this:

Now its time to add the bling. I am just going to use a simple 20px sized white soft brush. Make a new layer above all the others, choose your brush and click in random spots in between your text. I am just going to click once in each spot with the mouse.

My result:

By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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