The Disassembly of The New Mac Mini

If you’ve been a fan of the Mac Mini in the past, then you’ll be really happy or sad by this report. has taken the latest Mac Mini and put it through the paces. They disassembled it to give you a look at the inside.

Here are some of the important takeaways from their unveiling…

– The box shows 9 vents on the back, but on the device there’s actually 10.

– This version of the Mac Mini comes with an install disc. Safari, Mail, Spaces, iChat and Time Machine are all on the disc.

– The new Mac Mini looks nearly identical to the older version.

If you wish to view their full unveiling, you can check out the site. They disassemble the Mini, and take a look at the inside. There are some differences between the innards compared to previous version. It’s quite an interesting read. Highly recommended if you’re research the Mac Mini.

Mac Mini Unboxing, and Disassembly

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