The Creation of Lava Woman

In this tutorial I will show you how to manipulate a regular picture of a woman in a bathing suit standing in front of rocks, to a lava woman on fire with a explosion in the background.

First download this image or find one of your own.

Next cut out the woman from the picture using which ever method you prefer.

I will use the pen tool because that usually works the best for me.

Once you make a selection around her copy and paste her back in the canvas.

Now you should have 2 layers

After that I am going to copy the background from the image (the part surrounding the woman) by using the layer we just made.

So make sure layer 1 is chosen then hold down ctrl on your keyboard and click on the icon beside your new layer

Now that should make a selection around the woman again like before.

I will use the keyboard shortcut ctr+shift+i to invert the selection. This will allow me to copy and paste the background back in the canvas for later use.

You should have 3 main layers now excluding the background layer.

I will rename the layers to keep it simple.

So the first layer I will name “Original”, 2nd layer I will call “Woman Cut-Out”, and the 3rd layer I will call “BG cut-out”.

Next before I do anything else I am going to make a selection around her face using the pen tool again. I am also doing this step so that this cut out can be used later in the tutorial.

After that paste it back in the canvas as well.

Rename the layer to be called “Face Cut-Out”

Now I am going to do the exact same thing with the hair and call it “Hair Cut-Out”.

Hide those 2 layers for now and move on to the next step.

Duplicate the Woman Cut-Out layer by right clicking on it and choosing “duplicate layer”

I will rename this layer to “Lava Base” and use a few keyboard shortcuts on it.

First use ctrl+shit+u to turn the layer black and white. Then use ctrl+i to invert the image.

Then add the plastic wrap filter by going to filter>>artistic>>plastic wrap with these settings:

Now that layer should look like this

Next create a new layer with shift+ctrl+N and name it “Lava Color”

While being in the new “Lava Color” layer hold down ctrl again and click on the Woman Cut-Out icon to make a selection around the woman

Now I will use a 100px soft brush to paint these colors across the selection

Now set the Lava Color layer to color burn and set the Lava Base layer to vivid light. Should have something similar to this

Now that looks pretty good but I think it can look more liquidy so I will duplicate the Woman Cut-Out yet again and use ctrl+shift+u to make it black and white, invert it, and add plastic wrap to it. Rename it to “More Liquid”.

Also, make sure your foreground color is set to black and your background color is a mid-gray color.

Now I will go to filter>>sketch>>chrome and use these settings

After I did that I will hit ctrl+l to bring up my levels too and make it a bit darker.

Move the More Liquid layer below our Lava Base layer and set it to exclusion with 42% opacity. Now it should look more luquidy.

I don’t know about you but I want the face to stand out some more because it is hard to distinguish it as of now.

So unhide your face layer, move it above the “lava color” layer so its at the very top and set its blending mode to hard light.

That does not stand out enough to me so duplicate that layer and then it looks even better.

Next I will unhide the Hair Cut-Out layer and make sure its the very top layer so her hair shows.

I can see some background stuff behind her hair…

I want to remove that so I will use a soft eraser brush and since that is multiple layers behind her I wll choose each layer and erase the parts I need to.

There is also some skin showing with the hair layer I have so I am going to remove
that in the same way.

I want the lava to look a little more realistic so I am going to use a picture of some burning hot wood to blend in the image.

Here is the image:

Click for larger version (340k)

Now open that up and put it in your firechick canvas and size it down over her
stomach like this

Then I will take a soft 100px eraser brush and erase the edges to fit around her body and also erase other parts to blend it in.

I will do the same thing using the same image on her legs and arms too.

I am going to add some bubbles to the lava by using my brush tool set to scatter mode. Choose your brush tool with a dark red color, I chose #6d0000.

Choose your brush palette at the top of your photoshop screen, there should be a brushes tab. If you don’t see that go to “Window” on yoru top menu and click on “brushes”..

On shape dynamics use this:

On scattering:

Also choose color dynamics but leave it on its default settings.

Make your foreground and background color similar to these

I will create a new layer and use my brush to cover all of the body

Now I will right click on the layer in the palette and go to “Blending Options”.

Add bevel and Emboss with these settings

Next, merge that layer down with an empty layer so it is editable without the blending options effecting it and change its blending mode to soft light. Erase the excess parts outside the body.

This will just give a subtle effect of some lava bubbles

Time to add some fire! I will use this image

Using the magic wand tool I will cut out the fire

Size it down and set it to screen to fit over her hair and shoulders in multiple spots. Use a soft eraser brush to blend it in. I blended in multiple
sized flames…

I used the burn tool on the hair to make it look kind of burnt.

And since there is fire I think there should probably be some smoke so I will use the same brush technique I used before except I will use a 5px brush size. Also choose color dynamics this time set at 100%.

Chose black as your foreground color and a dark gray as your background color.

Now make your dots above the fire in a new layer.

Now I will use a 45px soft smudge tool set at 42% strength and drag upward and move my mouse from side to side to make the smoke.

Now I want to make the background behind her look more dark and lavaish so unhide BG Cut Out and bring up your hue/saturation tool and use these settings:

Next bring up your levels tool by hitting ctrl+l on your keyboard and make it a little

For one last step I am going to add a small explosion of sparks behind her using
this image

Open that image and drag it in your canvas in a new layer.

I will use the ctrl+click technique and click the icon beside the Woman Cut Out
layet to create a selection in the shape of her body.

Then I will hit delete to get rid of the sparks in front of her.

Set that layer to lighten so you can still see the background behind the sparks.

So for the final step I am going to add some yellowish colors around her inner arms mainly to make make the explosion behind her seem more realistic.

I will use a 65px soft brush and choose yellow color from behind her. I am using the
color #fff5b8.

Create a new layer and use your soft brush at 37% opacity and make a light glow around her
inner arms and some outer.

After doing that to both sides and setting that layer to lighten here is my final version

Thanks for reading!

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