The Best Graffiti Photoshop Tutorials: 15+

In this post, I have a surprising list for graffiti lovers! The best Photoshop tutorials for creating and implementing graffiti. Creative designers and artists across the real world use graffiti as a form of art to express their message and showcase their work. After reading following tuts, you can do it too! of course in Photoshop World!

1- Graffiti With Photoshop

A popular Photoshop tutorial on making graffiti using Photoshop (Link)

2- Photoshop Graffiti Tutorial

Make an interesting graffiti using this visual tutorial.(Link)


3- Realistic Graffiti Effect Photoshop Tutorial

“I’m going to attempt to put together a tutorial to give any aspiring Photoshop graffiti writer the techniques needed to tag your images with a certain amount of realism. “ (Link)


4- How to make a graffiti effect using Photoshop

“In this tutorial we will show you how to make graffiti on any wall without running the risk of being fined.” (Link)


5- How to create a graffiti

Learn to add graffiti to a picture or texture.(Link)


6- Create realistic graffiti

“We’re going to paint graffiti on a wall using photoshop. This is a pretty simple tutorial that shows how to make a wall image overlay in short. So go ahead and find yourself a picture of a wall,…” (Link)


7- Graffiti Art With Balls

Learn in this Photoshop tutorial how you can design balls on a wall just like graffiti. (Link)


8- Graffiti Art Effects

This tutorial is a step by step method of developing characters that appear authentic to graffiti street art. (Link)


9- Graffiti on brick wall

Learn how to write your name or even draw or drag a pic. with graffiti look. (Link)



This short tutorial will teach you how to create textured graffiti on a wall. (Link)


11- Graffiti/Cartoon Text Effect

Learn how to create a cartoonish graffiti text effect using adobe Photoshop. (Link)


12- Creating and Implementing Graffiti

“In this tutorial I will teach you how to create your own graffiti text. I will also teach you how to apply that graffiti text to a picture and make it look realistic.” (Link)


13- Graffiti stamp art in Photoshop

How to make Graffiti style monster characters into brushes and apply them over a brick wall. (Link)


14- Amazing Graffiti HDR Tutorial

This tutorial uses a plugin called Photomatix Pro for this amazing graffiti HDR tut. (Link)


15- Graffiti Photoshop Video Tutorial

An easy to follow video tutorial on making graffiti in Photoshop. (Link)


16- Graffiti effect in Photoshop

An amazing tutorial on making a text graffiti using Photoshop. (Link)


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