The Art of Typography

Most people may not notice it, but the text that you use in your artwork can either make it or break it. There are a few basics that can point you in the right way to typography, and that is what we are learning today.
First off, we will just show examples of designs with text and we will discuss what makes it good, and what makes it bad.

The Art of Typography

here we go…

Here we have a sprite tag, now what can we say about the text on this one? The text may be slightly plain, but sometimes, plain is good. Now class look closely at this text, the color matches perfectly with the sig’s colors, it is a nice default font, and it is slightly fading out on the left side. This is a nice and subtle text that goes wonderful with this sig.

Now class, this text doesn’t help the sig at all. It looks as if the person who made this sig just got tired to the end and didn’t put any thought into it. It looks just as though he used a dark Grey text, and then lowered the opacity on it, no blending or any effects to this tag at all. Plus, the text just doesn’t fit the sig.

This sig’s text is very nice…yes? You are right, it is unique on how they made the text flow with the page. Touches such as these will make your text a huge part of your sig. Now who can tell me what this text needs? Nobody knows? Well class if you look close enough you will see that the text under Life Story is awfully cramped, if it was spaced out just a tad then this text would be perfect, but a single flaw isn’t bad at all.

What about this one? It does look as if the text is sort of part of the signature, this is called a clipping mask. Using a clipping mask on text is a great way to match the text with the colors and flow of your signature. However, this shouldn’t be done all the time, because it doesn’t look good with every signature.

So what do you think about this one…, the text is nice and small, which suites this sig perfectly. Also in case you still haven’t noticed the colors compliment the sig perfectly.
Now you have learned a couple of things to do and not to do when working with typography. Typography is the most important thing in a piece of art sometimes, and cannot be left for the last “extra thing” to do when a work of art is finished.

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