July 21, 2017

Turn a Single Image into a Photo Collage

In this simple and quick tutorial I will show you the easiest way I know to make one of those images you see where there is a picture of an object but looks like it is split up into multiple pictures.

First download this image or find one of your own.

Once you do that open up the image in a new layer.

Next create a new layer with the keyboard shortcut shift+ctrl+n…

Now change your foreground color to white by hitting x on your keyboard. Then grab your rectangle shape tool

In the new layer make a rectangle over the cherry picture anywhere in the shape of a picture

The next step is to create a selection around the rectangle which is really easy. With your 2nd layer chose in your layer palette hold down ctrl and click on the preview icon beside the layer name, “Layer 2”

This will create a selection around your shape. Now you could have just used your rectangle marquee tool, but I personally think its easier to see by using a white rectangle.

Once you have done that click on the first layer in the layer palette…

Then with your keyboard hit ctrl+c (copy) then ctrl+v (paste). This will paste the part of the cherry behind the selection you made. Then you can delete your layer that had the white rectangle.

This will blend in exactly with the image since its over top of it, so I am going to add a drop shadow to the new layer.

So go into your layer blending options:

Use these settings or similar:

Now if you hide Layer 1 you will just see the part of the cherry we copy and pasted

Now I am going to use this concept all over the cherry, with some different sized rectangles.

Use your transform tool and rotate the shapes to be at different angles.

To use the tranform tool just click on the shape on the canvas and hit ctrl+t.

Then you can rotate it freely.

Once you make another layer by copying and pasting there is an easy tool in photoshop to allow you to copy a layer style from one layer to another instead of having to go to the blending options every time.

On the layer you added the drop shadow to right click on it in the layer palette and click “copy layer style”

Just keep doing this until you cover the entire cherry

Finally here is the image I ended up with

This is a really simple tutorial but I hope it shows you an easy technique to acheive a cool result! Thanks for checking out my tutorial!

John Overbee
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