Modalbox – User friendly Pop-Up and Wizards

ModalBox is a JavaScript technique for creating modern (Web 2.0-style) modal dialogs or even wizards (sequences of dialogs) without using conventional popups and page reloads. It’s inspired by Mac OS X modal dialogs. And yes, it may also be useful for showing larger versions of images. 🙂 ModalBox is built with pure JavaScript and is… Continue reading Modalbox – User friendly Pop-Up and Wizards

Create a Web 2.0 Badge

Web 2.0 graphics and websites are in fashion and are all the rage, this tutorial will show you how to create a badge such as “NEW!” or “SITE REVAMPED” etc.. Here is an example:

Web 2.0 Business Card

In this tutorial we will apply some nifty web 2.0 styling to create an effective business card. If you haven’t done so yet, consider brushing up on what exactly web 2.0 is by visiting out Web 2.0 Checklist.

Final Image