July 21, 2017

Turn Ideas into 3D models with the MakerBot CupCake CNC

February 10, 2010 Staff

WebProNews got to check out a very cool invention at the Makerbot booth at CES 2010. The Makerbot Cupcake CNC is a 3D printer than can create almost anything up to 4″x4″x6″. Using 3D modeling software, the user can create anything they want and the printer will use ABS plastic […]

Stop the Spread of Germs with Seal Shield Electronics

February 8, 2010 Staff

Seal Shield has created a line of products that can be cleaned using your dishwasher or sink, including remote controls, keyboards and mice. WebProNews got to check out these new, washable products at CES 2010. Seal Shield wanted to ensure the safety of its users by preventing the spread of […]

The Power of Powermat Products

February 5, 2010 Staff

WebProNews stopped by Powermat’s booth at CES 2010, and got to check out the new products on display. The Powermat Portable is the first product that was featured. This is an easy and cordless way to charge 3 devices at once. The mat folds up which makes it very convenient […]

Intel Dashboard Technology To Help With Energy Consumption

February 3, 2010 Staff

Device concepts are quite common at CES, yet Intel showed off a product which stood out from the crowd. It’s called, Home Dashboard, and looks to be a HUB where various aspects of domestic living can be monitored and controlled. Most of the video shows off how the Home Dashboard […]

Microsoft Expands Software Offering In Ford’s Truck Line

January 27, 2010 Staff

Microsoft and Ford have partnered together in the past to create ‘Sync’. They’ve taken this idea a step further in the the 2011 Ford Super Duty, by expanding the available software. They’ve touted it as a ‘contractor’s dream’. The idea behind the software integration is to allow drivers to turn […]

Infoscape – Changing the Way We View Information

January 26, 2010 Staff

Intel’s Infoscape is by the far, one of the most interesting and cool innovations at CES 2010. Mike McDonald, from WebProNews, got to check out what Infoscape is all about. Intel’s Infoscape was designed so people could access live information in a unique way. This cube-shaped double HD display is […]

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