Google Talks Up Cloud Hosting and App Security

Google recently conducted a roundtable of in-house experts discussing how Google uniquely provides a secure platform for businesses to store their data online. Google experts tell the story of how Google invented innovative technology allowing them to keep their customers information and data safe from digital intruders. “Information security has become such a hot topic,”… Continue reading Google Talks Up Cloud Hosting and App Security

Protection Profile Developer Workshop Scheduled

It’s a simple fact that, while some developers work on uncomplicated games, others do things related to important – even sensitive – data.  And it’s for those people that a group of IT security companies have arranged to hold a workshop on Protection Profile development. Apex Assurance, Aspect Labs, atsec information security, Cygnacom, and EWA… Continue reading Protection Profile Developer Workshop Scheduled

Top Security with Firewall Script

Ever wanted the best security for your php scripts, blogs, forums, websites, etc..? Firewall Script can solve this problem for you, which can stop almost any vulnerable to man to secure your website at its best, even if you miss a patch!

Security Practices

When new developers first start learning PHP, they don’t learn about security as much as they do PHP”s language structure.   Security is just as important to learn as is the language’s structure itself.  Without secure code you may create larger issues.  A user could take over a web server due to a security hole in… Continue reading Security Practices

Basic Security Techniques

To any developer writing secure code should be natural to them, but in reality it isn’t. As developers security should start taking a bigger role in your design process. No matter how great a site is, without proper security protection, the site is useless. There are four simple rules you can follow to secure your… Continue reading Basic Security Techniques

Verbatim Shows Off 'Smallest in the World' USB Disk Drives

Verbatim, leading manufacturer of computer memory devices, had a slew of products to show off at CES 2010. The Tuff-‘N’-Tiny USB drive, Titan SX portable hard drive line, and InSight USB portable drives were the highlights of Verbatim’s outing. The first product showcased is the Tuff-‘N’-Tidy drive, which Verbatim is touting as the “smallest USB… Continue reading Verbatim Shows Off 'Smallest in the World' USB Disk Drives