Polaroid Returning To Instant Film

One of Polaroid’s trademark technologies throughout the years has always been instant film. Their instant film line ended back in 2008, but due to popular demand, has made a strong return at CES 2010. Polaroid’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jon Pollock spoke with WebProNew’s Abby Johnson about the reasons behind their return to instant film. The… Continue reading Polaroid Returning To Instant Film

Create a Polaroid effect

This one is pretty simple, and the effect can be applied to just about any image you have. Start with a new document 500 px by 500 px. Now open your picture, we will be using just one for this example. Go ahead and drag it into your new document and set it to invisible by clicking the eye on the layers palette, we will get back to those in a bit.

Polaroid 7

Polaroid Getting Even More Creative with Lady Gaga

Polaroid made a big announcement at CES 2010, introducing Lady Gaga as their new Creative Director. Polaroid knew she had the qualities that the company needed to inspire new and creative products. Creative, empowering and inspirational are a few of the words that Polaroid used to describe her. Being a huge fan of Polaroid, Lady… Continue reading Polaroid Getting Even More Creative with Lady Gaga

Get Creative with Polaroid Studio

Polaroid has created a new service for photo and video sharing called Polaroid Studio. WebProNews got to check out this new service at CES with Jesse Hanley, Polaroid’s VP of Product. With Polaroid Studio, you can customize all uploaded photos and videos online, by changing the height and width, cropping, adding frames or text, and… Continue reading Get Creative with Polaroid Studio