Transforming Jon Hamm Into Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

If you keep up with comic book movie news, you’ll know that Green Lantern is speculated as the next big release from DC. He’s my personal favorite DC superhero. If it’s decided to have Hal Jordan as the main character of the movie (which it most likely be), then I see Jon Hamm being a… Continue reading Transforming Jon Hamm Into Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

Star Sapphire Photo Manipulation

The hype machine is starting for the Green Lantern film helmed by Casino Royale director, Martin Campbell. The main cast is firmly in place. The Lantern’s love interest, Carol Ferris is not likely to be seen in superhero form anytime soon so I took it upon myself to create a photo manipulation of a live-action… Continue reading Star Sapphire Photo Manipulation