RockYou Acquires Playdemic

There’s more good news today for developers who are interested in the kind of payday that comes when a bigger company swallows a smaller one.  RockYou, which is known for making any number of social apps, has acquired Playdemic, the firm behind a Facebook game. Jonathan Knight, RockYou’s SVP of Games, stated in response, “At… Continue reading RockYou Acquires Playdemic

Firemint Acquires Infinite Interactive

The new year is getting off to a great start for two developer firms in Australia.  Games studio Firemint has acquired Infinite Interactive for an unspecified amount, setting the stage for even better games to debut across a variety of platforms in the near future. Firemint is, if you’re trying to place these names, best… Continue reading Firemint Acquires Infinite Interactive

DeNA Acquires Ngmoco

There’s more encouraging news today for developers who dream of selling to a big company and retiring to a private island.  DeNA has acquired Ngmoco for $400 million. Ngmoco is the U.S.-based iPhone game developer behind titles like Star Defense, Titan Wars, and We Rule.  DeNA, meanwhile, is extremely well known in Japan for the… Continue reading DeNA Acquires Ngmoco

Disney Acquires Developer Tapulous

We’ll admit from the start: because the terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, it remains impossible to say just how much of a fairytale ending this development represents for Tapulous.  But the key point is that Tapulous, famous for developing the Tap Tap Revenge series of games, has been bought by Disney. Assuming someone wasn’t… Continue reading Disney Acquires Developer Tapulous

Game Developer Acquisition Goes Down

Today proved to be yet another good (meaning profitable) occasion to be a developer for some people.  This morning, ngmoco, which deals in mobile games, acquired Stumptown Game Machine, an iPod and iPhone game specialist. Unfortunately, the terms of the deal were not disclosed, and a few folks may be disappointed to find out that… Continue reading Game Developer Acquisition Goes Down

Purchase, Investment Favor Game Devs

A couple of significant shifts took place in the game developer community this week.  Big Six, which deals in social games, was acquired by Hi5 Networks, and Warner Bros. bought a majority stake in Rocksteady Studios, the maker of the latest Batman game. Unfortunately, some other important details – including the amounts of money that… Continue reading Purchase, Investment Favor Game Devs