Rise of Cobra: The Baroness

I haven’t made any original art for Oweb2, so it was about due. Nor have I have seen G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra, so I can’t attest to its quality. Something I do know is that the Baroness is fly. A suiting subject I must say, so today we’re going to walk through the creative process.

Dramatic Lighting Using Multiple Light Sources

Affect the mood of your drawing by using different colors of light reflections. When color rendering your artwork, it is easy to fall into the trap of rendering your subjects with only literal colors: Only red with an apple, water: blue or grass: green. Lights of all colors cast upon surfaces that we see and… Continue reading Dramatic Lighting Using Multiple Light Sources


In this tutorial I will teach you about duotones and how to use them. This technique is great for many things, so I know you will find this tutorial helpful and interesting.