July 21, 2017

Amazon Reaches Out To iOS Developers

March 29, 2011 Doug Caverly

A new opportunity may be on the way for iOS developers whose apps aren’t exactly on the cutting edge with respect to graphics.  Reports indicate that Amazon is trying to convince some developers to port their apps to the Kindle. Daniel Eran Dilger wrote yesterday afternoon, “Henri Hansen, the developer […]

Amazon Launches Elastic Beanstalk Developer Tool

January 20, 2011 Doug Caverly

“Elastic Beanstalk” is a goofy-sounding term; something that, at best, belongs in a silly CG remake of the traditional Jack/beanstalk tale.  But nonetheless, that’s the name Amazon’s stuck to a new service, and the service does hold a lot of promise when it comes to developers, apps, and the Amazon […]

Amazon Launches SDKs For Android And iOS

December 10, 2010 Mike Sachoff

Amazon has launched SDKs for Android and iOS, aimed at making it easier for software developers to call an AWS web service API directly from a mobile application. With the mobile SDKs, developers can write software that uses AWS infrastructure in their mobile applications, including: Store and retrieve data using […]

Rumors On AMZN Android App Store

September 29, 2010 Doug Caverly

Android developers may soon have another place to sell their apps.  Rumor has it that Amazon is preparing an app store, and while nothing’s been confirmed just yet, enough details have leaked to create a fairly complete picture of how the store should function. Earlier today, Sarah Perez brought together […]

Amazon Launches Contest For Devs

August 19, 2010 Mike Sachoff

Amazon Web Services is accepting entries from developers for its fourth annual AWS Start-P Challenge, a contest to recognize start-ups that are built on the AWS cloud computing platform. For the first time, AWS will choose regional award winners in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. Regional semi-finalists will receive […]

Amazon Offers Notification Service For Developers

April 7, 2010 Mike Sachoff

Amazon Web Services said today it is introducing the beta release of Amazon Simple Notification Service, a new service that allows users to send notifications from the cloud. Amazon SNS provides developers with a scalable, flexible, cost effective capability to publish messages from an application and deliver them to subscribers […]

Kindle Development Kit Announced

January 21, 2010 Doug Caverly

Amazon wants the Kindle to be more or less omnipresent; it’s supposed to replace books, after all.  The Kindle appears to be a great target for developers, then, and starting soon, a new Kindle Development Kit will let the tinkering commence. Look for a limited beta to begin next month […]