Adobe Launches New Tools For App Developers

Adobe has introduced new tooling and framework support in Flash Builder 4.5 software for developing, testing and launching mobile apps on Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS platforms. Flex 4.5, an open source framework, includes new support for building mobile applications for Android, and support for BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS platforms is expected in… Continue reading Adobe Launches New Tools For App Developers

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Intel Launches Dev Platform

Adobe and Intel have announced plans to allow developers to distribute and monetize Adobe Air applications and games via Intel AppUp center storefronts. Using the new Adobe application distribution platform beta, code named “Melrose,” developers and publishers can sell and distribute Air applications to users while monitoring sales and downloads. Available today, the beta of… Continue reading Intel Launches Dev Platform

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Create Your Own Social Icon Stickers

In this tutorial I will run you through some simple steps to create some social networking icon stickers you can use on a website or any other project you want to use them for. First download this crinkle paper texture Now open a new document 300X300px in photoshop Create a new layer and choose your… Continue reading Create Your Own Social Icon Stickers

How to Create a Cool Diamond Shatter Effect

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a diamond shatter effect in Photoshop CS5. Using different tools, you will create a cool looking image with different colors, paint splatters, and diamond shapes to use for whatever project you want.

Using the Photoshop Vanishing Point Tool

In this quick tutorial I will show you some easy ways to use the Photoshop vanishing point tool to put graffiti on the side of a building. The vanishing tool is only available in photoshop CS2 and up. The first method I will show you with the vanishing tool is how to put text on… Continue reading Using the Photoshop Vanishing Point Tool