Survey: Devs Favor Android, Long-Term

For the time being, there’s little question that Apple’s iOS is beating Google’s Android in many respects.  According to the results of a new survey, though, the majority of developers also feel that Android will be able to beat its biggest rival in a few years’ time.

Appcelerator contacted 2,733 developers earlier this month and asked their opinions on a number of subjects.  A full 55 percent of them agreed that Android has the most capabilities as an operating system, compared to just 39 percent for iOS.

Then, more tellingly, 54 percent of participating developers agreed that Android has the best long-term outlook, while 40 percent of them sided with Apple’s offering.

Of course, it’s hard to say when the point of intersection will occur (or even whether Android and iOS will maintain their current paths).  So developers who are doing well with Apple shouldn’t necessarily drop everything they’re doing for the sake of what might happen.

Still, it looks like the odds favor Android if you plan to be in this race for a while.

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By Doug Caverly

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