Super Happy Easter Wallpaper

Today we are going to create an Easter Wallpaper. I decided to do an Easter Wallpaper that was a little more pop culture influenced then some that I have seen. I also chose to make my bunny a Slime half. If you are a fan of Dragon Half, Dragon Quest, or Slayers.

So let’s begin. First Open a new document about 1600×1200 depending on your screen size. Then fill with #25b3dc. Make a new layer and name it Sun Rays. Select your Custom Shape Tool and Choose Registration Target 2. Drag out a selection that covers the entire Wallpaper area. Then in the Paths palette CTRL+Click the Work Path to make a selection. Move the selection to the left so the design is off center. Fill the Selection with #49c8ec. Lastly take you Elliptical Marque Tool and draw out a round selection hold shift in the center of the design you just made. Also fill it with #49c8ec.

Make a New layer and call it Sun. Then make a circle over the round selection you just made. Fill it with white. Next go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and choose between 2 – 6 for the radius and hit OK. Then use the setting below add a Gradient Overlay:

Resulting in:

Now make a new layter and call it Grass. Using the Pen Tool create a hill side. The hill is up to you just make whatever you think is good. Then make a selection of your outline and fill it with #198726.

Make a New Layer. Using the same selection as the hill fill the selection with #085e12. Next reselect the hill selection and using your marque tool move the select down between 10 and 20 pixels and delete the remainder inside the selection. Lastly add a Gaussian blur like on the sun.

Again a New Layer. Using the work path as the hill select the pen tool and Stroke the path with a 4 pixel brush in the color #03470b.

Make a new layer and call it Bunny Shade. Using the Elliptical Marquee Tool make a oval selection and fill it with black. Again use the Gaussian Blur and set the blur to 6 – 10. Set the layer fill to 70%

Using the image below as a reference point create a slime half bunny.

This is what I came up with:

Make a new layer. Next we are going to give him a carrot. So make an out line like below and fill it with black.

Now fill the main carrot area with #ff9900. Then using your pen tool make a shading outline of the inner carrot to give it some dimension. Make a new layer and fill the selection with #b86f01. Finally give the shading a 3pixel Gaussian Blur.

Using the same steps as on the carrot fill in the leaves.

Make a new layer and call it Clouds. Using various sizes of circles create a set of clouds.

Now we are going to add “Happy Easter” to the Wallpaper. Select your Text Tool and choose “Piranesi It BT” as the font and set the size to about 170px. Once you have that Duplicate the layer CTRL+J and rasterize the text on the lower font. Then add a Gaussian Blur of 10px. Next using the Move Tool Move the blurred font down 5px and to the right 5px. Finally set the layer fill to 50%.

Using the same ideas as the bunny and the carrot make and Egg to the Left of the Bunny.

And your done! If you want you can add a few more festive Ideas to really make the wallpaper your own. I decided to add something extra after I wrote this tutorial. And I gave my bunny some hearts. What did yours turn out like? Send them my way and I will post them here.

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