Suggested Chores For IPv6 Application Developers

More and more, talk of IPv6 deployment is becoming hard to avoid.  The problem is, many people remain unsure of what it is – and how they need to respond.  Application developers can perhaps address the issue by taking care of some tasks recently outlined in a list.

Credit goes to Scott Hogg for compiling the list, and we’ll leave it to him to provide the full explanations behind the bullet points.  We won’t even go through all ten recommendations, for that matter.  But for starters, app developers should assess current code for IPv6 capability, according to Hogg.  Then it’ll be necessary to create code that is address-family independent and backwards-compatible with IPv4.

Next, Hogg suggested “Having the Same Application Work on IPv4-only, Dual-protocol, and IPv6-only Operating Systems . . . .”  And “Storing of 128-bit IPv6 Addresses in Memory and Compatibility with 32-bit IPv4 Addresses” should be the step after that.

Finally (we’ll stop at the halfway point), Hogg brought up the subject of “DNS Queries for IPv6 and IPv4 Using Either IPv6 or IPv4 Transport.”

Good luck following through on these suggestions, because wide scale IPv6 deployment will take place sooner or later.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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