Stylize a Photo of a Cat

Turn a pet picture into a piece of art. This tutorial will show you how to personalize a pet picture by altering a photo of a cat into a stylized image.

Step 1: Creating Fe-Lines

Open the picture of the cat in PS, duplicate the cat’s layer, and desaturate it (CTRL+SHIFT+U). Hide the cat on the bottom layer.

We’ll apply a filter now to give it some darker lines. Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges

Adjust the levels (CTRL+L). Click on the far right eyedropper and click on the cat’s face where it should be white, and it will then make everything that same shade, white.

Now, drag the little arrows along the line until you get ride of all the shades of grey, and keep the blackened poster edges.

Step 2: Cat Eyes

We just want to add color to the eyes to really make them pop (in a visual sense, not literally).

Change the Blending option of the layer the cat is on to Multiply. This will then make all of the white invisible, and withhold the black lines.

Create a new layer below the cat’s layer. Choose your Paint Brush and a color you’d like to use for the eyes. Carefully color in the eyes. If you get sloppy with it, it’s okay, you just have to erase what extra there is.

Step 3: Return of the Hidden Cat

Unhide the second cat layer. This layer should be below the cat layer with lines, and the eyes’ layer.

Desaturate the cat (CTRL+SHIFT+U).

Adjust the levels (CTRL+L) so a lot of the areas are white and the dark areas are dark.


And we’re done!


By Kirin Knapp

Kirin Knapp is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network, publishing company of FlashNewz. A flash animator and illustrator, she is the creator of her home site,

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