53% Of Mobile Developers Favor iPhone

Although the average developer could almost surely have guessed this on his (or her) own, a study has confirmed that more mobile developers work with the iPhone OS in mind than any other operating system.  iGR put the exact figure at 53 percent this morning.

Yep, according to a formal statement, “Fifty-three percent of the surveyed developers build applications for the Apple iPhone OS. The next most popular platforms were RIM BlackBerry OS, Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5. – this is a drastic shift from iGR’s 2009 developer study in which Windows Mobile was by far the most popular OS.”

Also, “Developers generally develop for multiple platforms and are increasingly developing for more.”

So if you by chance haven’t considered making apps for the iPhone, give the matter some thought.  And if you’re focusing on just one or two mobile operating systems, think about expanding your horizons for the sake of reaching out to new markets.

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By Doug Caverly

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