Students Develop Wave Extensions for Class

Google has an interesting post up on the Google Wave Developer blog about a class of students in Singapore that worked on a Google Wave extensions project.

Some of the extensions they came up with include a gadget that lets you assign tasks to participants for particular “sprints” and visualize the tasks for each sprint, a gadget that lets you play a game of balloon popping, a chess room gadget, a gadget that lets you collect notes in a collaborative gadget, a gadget that lets you select what days/hours you’re available to help pick the best meeting time, a gadget that lets you create a sequence of parent and child nodes and navigate amongst them, and a gadget that lets you translate text using the Google AJAX/Language API.

A complete list is here.

“Many of these are still in prototype form, but some of them are already user-ready and in the extensions gallery, like the yourBrainstormer extension, and others are in the samples gallery, like the Scrummy gadget,” says Pamela Fox, Google Developer Relations. “I hope that the students have the time to continue working on their extensions, and take them from a class assignment to an in-use web app. It’s so cool that you can make something for a class and for thousands of users.”

It remains to be seen if Google Wave will achieve widespread usage, but it’s going to be the extensions that make Wave’s usefulness apparent to more users, much like apps make smartphones useful.

By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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