Strategies To Reduce The Effects of Google Panda

Google’s Panda update in June sent a large number of websites plummeting down the search engine rankings.  This has left many SEO consultants and webmasters asking why is Google penalizing some good sites to get the bad ones?

There has been widespread discussion amongst webmasters and SEO experts as to what is the best approach to get their sites out of Google’s black list as soon as possible.

HubPages is a site which was hit hard by recent updates, so it has had to try to recover quickly. It found a solution by dividing their site into a thousand sub-domains and shifting the low quality content to some of these sub-domains. This way when the Googlebot crawls such pages it will penalize the low quality pages only rather then the entire website. However I question if this is a viable long-term strategy or will it only get you out of the Panda effect temporarily?

Apart from original, well written and grammatically correct content, there are other things you can do to your site to recover from Panda. SEOs and Webmasters on the WebmasterWorld forum have put together a list of tips they have used to recover from the Panda update which includes:

  • Keyword density and its placement
  • Site architecture and layout
  • Right proportion of advertisement/ images/ content so that the page does not look spammy
  • Studying the analytics and behavioral characteristics of the visitors on your site help in identifying the problem areas and making the subsequent corrections
  • Choose quality of inbound links from reputed websites over quantity
  • Continuously building backlinks for your site ensures your pages being visited by the Gogolebot on a regular basis
  • Regular content, product description, rate updates also adds to the value of your site
  • Block the GoogleBot from crawling the low quality pages, if any on your site
  • Clean up your site for any broken links or webmasters tool errors
  • The Page Speed Tool provided by Google is a good indicator of your website quality and what all areas need to be worked on

Though no official guidelines on ‘how to recover from the Panda update’ has been given by Google, these tips should .

Since we know that Google is making constant updates to its algorithm and that Google Panda is here to stay, a safe and reliable game plan will work best.


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By Rene LeMerle

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