Steve Jobs Unveils The iPad

The long anticipated Apple Tablet computer was officially shown off yesterday. The product is called iPad. Steve Jobs held a conference demonstrating some key features and pieces of information concerning the device.

Jobs hopes that the iPad will bridge the gap between the capabilities of a laptop, and the accessebility of a smartphone. Jobs stated, “Using this thing is remarkable. It’s so much more intimate than a laptop, and it’s so much more capable than a smartphone.”

The iPad will be Wi-Fi enabled while also supporting various non-contractual data plans. The plans will be offered through AT&T, with a few options available. First, is 250MB of data/month for $14.99. Unlimited data use will cost $29.99/month.

The iPad will have a wide range of prices. The non-3G iPads will start at $499 and go up to $699. The 3G iPads start at $629 and will range up to $829.

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