Steve Jobs on Apps in App Store

Steve Jobs gave his big keynote address today, unveiling the iPhone 4. He also rattled off a number of stats and talked about various things related to apps.

Apple has received plenty of criticism for not approving apps. Jobs says the most common reasons apps don’t get approved right away in the apps store are:

1. the app doesn’t function as advertised by the developer
2. Use of private APIs
3. The app crashes

Some other app-related stats he shared include: there are 8,500 native iPad apps in the app store, the app store supports over 225,000 apps, 15,000 apps submitted each week (in 30 languages), 70% of revenue goes to developers (passed 1 billion dollars), passed 5 Billion downloads in the app store last week, and Apple has over 150 million credit cards (across App Stores, iTunes, iBooks) waiting to buy apps.

There’s a good liveblogged account of the keynote available here.

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By Chris Crum

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