Starburst Effect

This tutorial requires that you have basic knowledge of Photoshop CS3, I will show you how to create a starburst effect to show off to your friends. Its pretty simple:


First of, create a new document of 750,750px.

Press [D] on the keyboard to get black & white colours. Next select the gradient tool and create a gradient spanning across the canvas.

Go to Filter > Distort > Wave and change the settings to the correesponding screen shot:

After that, go back to the distort menu and click Polar Coordinates, make sure its Rectangular to Polar or it wont work! Click OK.

Now go to Layer > New Adustment Layer > Hue/Saturation, name it whatever you want. Check “Colorize” and set these options or what other options you want to color your starburst.

You can download the Starburst PSD here.

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