Speedometer from Scratch!

Hey guys,

Here is a new tutorial for you guys.  I made one of these as an avatar for a forum that I was addicted to and my friend liked it.  So he asked me, a year ago, to make a tutorial about how I did it.  Well here it is Steven!

Final Product!

Step 1 – Basics!

We’ll start off by making a new file.  It should be 500×500.  Don’t worry if you think that is too big because you can always crop it.

Step 2 – Circles!

Use the Circular Marquee to draw you first circle.  This is the circle that going to act as the chrome part of the speedometer.  Use the gradient tool to make the top part of the circle white and the bottom a bit darker.  Now right click and select Blending Options.  For the Stroke, use the setup below.

After you do this, make another circle inside this circle and fill it in white in another layer.  Use Blending Options > Gradient and use this setup.

Step 3 – Numbers!

This is the easiest step out of them all.  All you do is put in the numbers on the speedometer.  I used the Century Gothic font .  After you put in the numbers, add the white line next to each of the numbers using the Polygonal Lasso Marquee.  Your Speedometer should look like this so far.

Step 4 – Almost there!

So its basically going downhill from here because most of the work has been done.  Using the Circular Marquee, make a circle inside the the black circle.  Use this setup on it.

Using the Polygonal Lasso Marquee tool, draw a simple arrow behind the previous circle layer and make it red.  Guess what?  Your Done!  Just a few details and you’ll make your speedometer shine!

Final Product!

Comment Please!  Also show us your speedometers!

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