SocialKast Launches For Game Devs

Offerpal Media has launched SocialKast, a new user acquisition and re-engagement tool to help game developers connect with audiences across multiple social channels and media platforms.

“In the current environment, it has proven both costly and difficult for game developers to find new sources of distribution,” said George Garrick, Chairman and CEO of Offerpal Media.

SocialKast solves this problem by boosting a game’s K-factor to accelerate viral growth and lower the developer’s cost of acquisition. It also enables gamers to exchange detailed and timely notifications with each other regardless of which platform they’re on, while benefiting publishers, platforms, networks and advertisers by attracting new users, generating more page views and broadening the social graph.”

Offerpal’s SocialKast allows game developers and social platforms to write once in order to interact with multiple platforms using a set of lightweight REST messaging APIs and javascript calls. Developers can distribute both user-to-user and application-to-user invites, gifts, notifications and other types of text-based or graphical messages directly into the activity streams, email inboxes and other key areas of Offerpal’s partner sites.

Access to SocialKast is available as a value-added service to select game developers and social platforms using Offerpal’s full-service monetization platform.

By Mike Sachoff

Mike is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest ebusiness news.

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