Smooth Clean Text Effect

Can’t figure out how to get that clean text you see on logos or other graphics? In this tutorial I will show you know a nice and clean text effect that can be used for variety of graphic design.

First open up Photoshop and make a new document.
Go to File>New. The size I used was 500×500.

Now select the Type Tool.

Then type whatever text you want I put Social Networking.

Now we start putting the effect on the text we just made.
Right Click on the text later and go to Blending Options

Go to Outer glow and add the following.

Next go to Gradient Overlay

Last step for the Blending Options go to stroke and add the following

Now you can leave it like this, or you can go a step further and add a glare to the text.
To do this you hold down Ctrl and click on your text layer. If done correctly this should form around your text.

Get out the Rectangular Marquee Tool and hold down Alt and left click and cut the text in half and it should come out like so.

Now, make a new layer, get out the Paint Bucket Tool and using white fill the white in, now go back to the Rectangular Tool and right click on the layer, and select Deselect.

And now the final step lower the opacity on the layer you just made.

My Final result.

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