Smokin' Hot Babe Tutorial (Literally)

In this tutorial I will show you how to take a regular picture of a pretty woman and turn her into smoke coming from a fire.

First save this picture on your computer or just drag it into photoshop.

Picture of the Woman

Cut the background out from around her and between her arms. I won’t go over
this step because i’m sure most of you have your own technique to cut
pictures out. I used the pen tool.

Now that you have her cut out grab this picture

Picture of the Campfire

Open that picture in photoshop as well.

Ok that is all the materials so start a new document with the size of
550X800px or whatever size you like.

Drag your fire into the photo, resize and center it toward the bottom like so

Now drag your other picture of the woman in the picture and position her
so that her feet are in the fire a bit.

Duplicate that image and hide it because we are going to use it later.

We want to make her black and white so go to image>>adjustments>>desaturate.

Now she should be black and white.

First I am going to take some soft eraser brushes and erase the feet so that
she blends in with the fire.

Also I am going to take a soft eraser brush and blend in some of the harsh
edges on the picture left from cutting it out.

Before I start adding some smoke I am going to take my pen tool and cut her
legs off from her stomach down.

Position the legs back in their regular position and hide them.

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