Smiling Cow Photo Manipulation

This quick and easy tutorial will show you how to blend in a smiling face on a cow.

Download the picture of the cow and smiling face

Open the picture of the cow and smiling face in photoshop.

Cut out the picture of the smiling face, just the lips and teeth portion.

I used the pen tool.

Size it down to fit around the mouth and nose area of the cow

Duplicate the lips layer to have a backup copy.

Make a selection around the teeth, cut and paste it back in the document.

Next hide all the layer to see the cows face by itself.

I don’t want the lips to look human so I will copy a portion of the cows nose/mouth
to cover over the cut-out lips with

Paste it back in the document and unhide the other layers. Move the copied layer to the top

Ctrl-click on the lips layer and it will make a selection around the lips

With the selection made cut and paste the top layer (nose layer)

Move it back in place and delete the leftover part

Use a soft eraser brush to erase part of the lips that don’t blend

For the bottom lips portion add a layer mask and use a soft brush to make them thinner

After that use the hue/saturation tool on the lips to blend the color in better. The shortcut
for hue/saturation is CTRL+U.

And now you have a smilling cow!

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