Smarter Than The Average Bears

We’ve all been out driving around and come across some random wildlife somewhere, but what if it was actually a famous animal, that walked and talked? Learn how to create an entire scene from several images, and bring Yogi and Boo Boo to life.

I’ll begin by saying that Yogi, Boo Boo and Jellystone Park are all property of Hanna-Barbera Productions. And now onto the fun stuff.

Step 1: Driving in the Forest

We begin with our driving picture. We don’t this person to be driving down the road anymore, we in fact want him sitting in the forest.

Use your Pen Tool and draw around the windshield in the picture. If you find you can’t see through the Fill color that shows up as you’re drawing, go to the Layers window and make the Fill 0%.

Go to a chosen image of the forest and select all and copy it CTRL+C. Now, go back to the file with the driving picture. CTRL+click on the shape in the Layers window you just made, so it draws a selection around the windshield. Now, CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste your forest into that selected shape. This creates a mask and you can move the forest around in the window until you get it where you want it.

And now, he is basically driving in the woods.

Step 2: Blending a Bear Named Yogi

Find a good standing-bear-picture and trace around him using the Pen Tool again. Get close to his fur, but we’re going to make him look better so don’t worry about details just yet. CTRL+click on the shape you made in the Layers window to select around the bear. Click on the bear’s layer and copy him CTRL+C.

Go back to the file we’re working in. CTRL+click on the windshield shape again. CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste the bear into that shape like we did the forest picture. Make sure you move the new bear’s layer above the forest layer.

Now that we have him in the forest, we can see that he’s got all that white space around him and he doesn’t look very good there.

Choose the Eraser and a Charcoal brush. Go to the Brushes menu and click on Shape Dynamics. Move the slider for Angle Jitter up to about 40%. Click on Scattering to activate it. This is going to make the erase remove pieces of his fur in a more random pattern, making him look hairy.

Resize the brush and go around the exterior of the bear.

When you finish making him furry, resize him to fit into the background.

Go back to the picture of the bear. Copy a piece of grass near his feet and take it back to our picture. Paste it and place it over his feet area.

Now take the same Eraser you used for his fur, only drop the opacity down to 40%. Start erasing that new grassy/ground cover area, as well as the bear’s actual layer to blend him into the ground better.

***TIP: When altering an important layer, duplicate it first. To do this, you will either right-click on the layer and choose ‘Duplicate Layer’, or click and drag the layer into the new layer button in the Layers window. Hide the original layer and then edit the duplicate. This way if you mess up the image and can’t undo it for some reason, you still have the original to work from.

Step 3: Time for a Picnic

Find a picnic basket you like, cut it out and paste it on a new layer above the bear.

The basket is too bright for the picture so we’re going to drop the saturation down as well as the lightness. Do this by using the Hue/Saturation window CTRL+U.

Take your eraser and erase the handle of the basket so it looks like he’s holding it.

Now we’re to use the Variations window to make the bear more red/orange, like Yogi is in the cartoon. Click once on Red, and once on Yellow. Hit OK.

Decrease his saturation and lightness a little using the Hue/Saturation CTRL+U.

Adjust the Levels a little by playing around with the sliders, so it blends better. When we adjusted the saturation and lightness is made the basket kind of dull.

Now we can go back in and smooth out the edges of the picnic basket so it stands out a little better and blends into the picture more. Use your Eraser with a Soft Round brush, very small. If you use one that is too large it will erase too much. You can also use a Hard Round brush, which may be easier.

Step 4: Do Like Humans Do

Let’s add Yogi’s signature clothing. I found a nice picture of a black fedora I am going to use for his hat.

Use the Pen Tool and trace around the strap on the hat. CTRL+click on the shape layer to select it. Click on the hat layer, copy the strap, and paste it in a new layer directly on top of the hat.

Now select the hat. CTRL+U for Hue/Saturation. Click the Colorize box and move the sliders around to get a nice green.

Fix the edges with one of the darker colors of green from the hat, using the eyedropper tool to select it. To be sure to stay inside of the lines of the hat, Preserve Transparency in the Layers window and then color.

Merge the strap and the hat. CTRL+T to transform. Flip the hat horizontally.

Holding down CTRL, click on the anchor points and skew the hat around until you get it to fit his head.

Lighten the hat up a little using the Dodge tool.

Now he needs his collar! Find a good picture of a collar and cut it out, and bring it over into a new layer on top of the bear.

Select each piece of the collar and skew it to fit his neck bett
er. He looks a little like a pilgrim at this point.

And now the tie. Find any tie that will work, doesn’t have to be the right color. Just change the color using the Colorize option in Hue/Saturation CTRL+U.

Darken the tie using the Burn Tool with a Soft Round brush, 15% exposure.

Now use your Polygonal Lasso tool and change the shape of the tie a little, making it look more natural. Select an edge and hit the delete key.

Let’s go back and fix the hat a little bit. He’s got that flare on the edge of his hat. Erase a little of the front of it and simply draw the edge in, adding the shading.

Now he needs shadows. Select the bear’s layer.

Use the Burn Tool and darken his fur where there should be shadows. It needs to look like the clothes belongs on him and was just placed there.

Step 5: Blending Foreground and Background

You’ll notice that currently Yogi stands out like a sore thumb.

We will fix this by adjusting the Levels CTRL+L in the background forest image. Slide the left slider up a little, controlling the darker parts, and the right slider down some to brighten the image. Slide the middle a little to make it appear less harsh.

Do the same with the driving picture.

CTRL+click on the windshield shape again. Click on the forest picture, copy it and then paste it into a new layer directly above the original. Hide the original.

We needed this separate from the mask so we could blend it a little better.

With a Soft Round brush for the Eraser, go along the edges of the forest picture so it looks more like you’re looking out of the car than the forest being pasted on top of the car.

Click on the car’s layer. We’re going to change the focus of the picture from everything, to the forest with the bears.

Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur

Play around with how blurry you want it and hit OK.

Step 6: Hey B’Boo!

We simply cannot have Yogi without Boo Boo. For him, we will use a baby bear picture.

That doesn’t look like Boo Boo! He will soon enough.

Trace him, copy him, paste him into our scene.

Make him furry like we did with Yogi in Step 2.

Colorize him, adjusting the Hue/Saturation CTRL+U. Make him a little lighter than Yogi.

In your tools choose the Healing Brush. Select the bear’s layer. Hold down the ALT key on the keyboard and click once on a spot out in the middle of Yogi’s fur.

Select Boo Boo’s layer and just click in a few areas on him. Be sure you have preserved his transparency in the Layers window so you don’t alter the edges of his fur.

So, what we’re doing now is making him look more like his character. He was the wrong kind of bear, so we’re basically going to recover him in fur.

Keep going back and forth between ALT+clicking Yogi’s fur and filling in Boo Boo’s fur.

Don’t forget his bow tie!

Flip and scale the bow so it fits on his neck.

And make it purple, Colorizing it in Hue/Saturation CTRL+U.

You also probably want to add a strap around the back of his neck too.

And then add some shadows on the ground for Yogi and Boo Boo, on the forest layer.

Step 7: It’s a Sign!

We can’t have Yogi and Boo Boo without a sign for Jellystone Park. This will be one of the easiest parts to this tutorial.

Find a picture of a blank wooden sign, cut it out and paste it into our scene.

Equip the Burn Tool and do a once or twice over on the sign to make it all a little darker.

Pick whatever text you’d like. I picked a fun one since these guys are originally from a cartoon. I picked a lighter yellowy text.

In the Layers window, change the blending option from Normal to Overlay. This will make it blend in with the wood a little more and look a little less like you just put text on top of the wooden sign.

Do the same with bottom part of the sign, only write “DO NOT FEED THE BEARS”. I used a different, more basic font, and chose a slightly darker yellow color than the first one. I wanted it to look like it had maybe worn off a bit.

Now we need to clean up the edges of the sign, so it doesn’t look like it has outlines. Take your Eraser with a tiny brush and go around the edges. If you have some sharp corners or straight lines you need to clean up, use the Polygonal Lasso tool and draw straight lines along them to make them more crisp.

Zoom out and use a large, soft round brush with the Eraser and erase just the bottom parts of the posts of the sign.

Merge the text layers with the sign.

Double-click on the newly merged layer so we can add a style to it. We want a Gradient Overlay. Find where your light is coming from and make it go from white to black. You can play with the settings until you get it right. Change it from Normal to Soft Light. It should look like it’s adding a light source to the sign. Hit OK.

Now, we add a sign-shaped shadow. Duplicate the sign.

Preserve transparency on the bottom layer. Make the entire sign black. CTRL+T to transform the sign. Hold down CTRL and drag the top center point downward to flip the sign over. Now you’ll just have to play with the anchor points until you get the right angle on the black sign.

Make the black sign layer transparent by lowering it’s opacity to around 60%.

Use the Blur Tool, with a soft round brush and blur it out.

Use the Eraser to trim the edges to the dash of the car. Then merge the shadow with the forest scene. Once you have merged it, use the Burn Tool and darken it a little.

Step 8: Final Details

We’re almost done!

We’re just going to make all of the preexisting shadows a little darker. Add a new layer on top of the forest. Take the Brush Tool with a Soft Round brush, at about 70% Opacity. Go through the picture and find where the shadows are and add blobs of transparent black in those areas.

You will then take the Blur Tool and blur them even more. Adjust the transparency of the layer some more to make the shadows a little lighter, by lowering the Opacity. And then use the Eraser to go in and shape and trim up the shadows.

Now, we’re just going to darken the bears a little bit more. Merge all of Yogi’s layers together and Boo Boo’s layers together, still keeping the bears on two separate layers. Adjust the Hue/Saturation CTRL+U, and drop the lightness down about 15. We don’t want them too dark, but they still stood out too much in the whole scene.

And FINALLY, using the BlurTool… go through and blur the sides of the forest some, to bring the focus in on the bears, and don’t forget to blur the right side of the sign. Not so much you can’t read it, but enough to make it match the picture. Also, go back in on the bears with a smaller brush and blur the edges some, and make them a little less defined. You want them being crisp, but not so crisp they still look strange.

And we’re done!

By Kirin Knapp

Kirin Knapp is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network, publishing company of FlashNewz. A flash animator and illustrator, she is the creator of her home site,

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