Slipknot Greatest Hits Album Cover

In this tutorial we will make an album cover for the band Slipknot’s greatest hirts.

Step 1:
Start off by creating a document sized 550 wide and 490 tall. Press ‘D’ to reset the foreground and background colors. Now you can hit ‘x’ to make black the background color and finally hit Ctrl + Backspace, this will fill the image the color black.

Step 2:
Next I grabbed a Slipknot logo from google, there’s many to choose from I simply chose the logo that read “Slipknot“. If you want, you can download the font called “Sickness” from ( and type in Slipknot and that could serve as your logo.

Step 3:
Now to make the logo look really cool, what you can do is duplicate the logo’s layer. Next go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur and use the following settings:

Amount: 30
Blur Method: Zoom
Quality: Good

and hit OK, after that you can press Ctrl + T to transform the image, and make the blurred out logo a bit bigger than the other logo, your image should now look like this:

Step 4:
Now it is time to add the bottom image of the band. I went to Google and typed “Slipknot” and found a nice wallpaper that had all the members of the band ( and that is what I used for the bottom of the cd cover, simply resize the wallpaper to fit the cd cover.

Step 5:
It is time to add the blood to the picture, I figured that blood would fit with this cd cover nicely so I went to and found some nice blood brushes by shad0w-GFX, you can find these brushes here:

Go ahead and download those brushes and install them into Photoshop. Once you have done that, you can go on to the next step:

Grab one of the brushes, set your foreground color to red (#FF0000) and make some brush marks at 100% Opacity. Your image should now look like this:

Step 6:
Now you can repeat step number 5 but instead of brushing at 100% opacity, do it at lower opacities so it blends in nicer. Below is an example of what mine
came out to look like:

Step 7:
This last step consists of adding the album name which is just “Greatest Hits” so grab a nice grungy font that you like. For this image I used a font called “PP Handwritting” which can be found at Download that and type in “Greatest Hits” right under the Slipknot logo, and add the following effects seen below:

and now you are done! Your final result should look similar to this:

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