Skateboard Dreamz

Today you’re going to learn how to add stylized graphics to an image with blending modes and cool photo effects. When we are finished it should look like something like this:

Start out with a new document filled in with grey. Go to Filter > Render > Difference Clouds.

Then use a Motion Blur at a 25-degree angle, with a distance of 999 pixels.

Next got to Brightness/Contrast and turn the contrast up +75.

Lay your skater picture on top of your background and change the blending mode to Overlay.

Now duplicate that skater layer, and turn off the blending mode. Use Hue/Saturation to turn the image blue (make sure the Colorize box is checked).

Turn the blending mode to Exclusion and lower the opacity to 65%.

Use the polygon lasso tool to cut out the skater and put him on a new layer.

Select around the ramp under the skater and add an image of some concrete in to that selection.

Next use the Freeform Shape tool and select Tile 1. Draw you shape over the new ramp.

Duplicate that image to the left and on top. Select around the ramp to cut off any excess. Also change the blending mode to Overlay with a opacity of 55%. I filled in between the black with white paint and did the same with the blending mode.

Use that Freeform Shape tool again but this time use Tile 2, which looks like a set of diagonal lines. Draw this shape as big as the picture and fill in with white.

Now go to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates.

Move the center of the swirl to the middle of the skater and using the eraser tool delete where it overlaps him. Now using the Free Transform tool (Ctrl+T) hold down Ctrl and stretch the corners of the layer to give it a more 3-D look. Also change the blending mode to Soft Light and the opacity to 80%.

Next duplicate your cut out skater and change the blending mode to Luminosity and turn down the opacity to 70%. Repeat and move your skater further down the ramp and change the opacity to 50% instead.

Find a swirl wave graphic online and stretch it and give it that same 3-D effect. Erase anywhere it overlaps his legs.

Lets change the blending option to add an outer glow. Here is what I slected.

Now we can add some color to the wave. Pick some neon bright colors and paint them on a new layer with the paintbrush.

With the magic wand tool select around the outside of the swirl and delete the excess paint. Also erase anywhere you might have colored on the skater.

Change the blending mode to Vivid Light and turn down the opacity to 25%, and the fill to 85%.

Almost done! Use the Elliptical Marquee tool to draw a big oval. Next fill in the outside of the oval with some yellow paint on a new layer.

Do it again with orange, but move the oval selection down a little.

Now on another layer draw a bigger oval and fill the outside with grey.

Next change the blending modes of the orange and yellow layers to a Linear Burn. And change the grey layer to Saturation and lower the opacity 80%.

Add some text, and then your all finished. I hope you like your end result. Come Back and See More At


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