Simple Sleek Text

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make a very simple text effect with just a few layer styles. This text, though simple, is rather sleek and will add some “pop” to your images that plain, flat text will lack.

resulting image

1. The Background

Prepare the background for the text. I used #485973 as the background color and I also added some gradients in the background.


2. The Text

Add in the text.
I used Helvetica Neue (An expensive font) with the color #b9c9de.

added text

3. The Layer Styles

If you’re a beginner at Photoshop, to get into your Blending Options or Layer Styles, Right Click your layer and click “Blending Options…

Apply the following Layer Styles:

Drop Shadow (Use a similar color to the background)
Inner Shadow
Gradient Overlay

resulting image

That’s it. That’s a very quick and easy way to make a sleek text effect.

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