Simple and Easy to Use Features of Photoshop CS5

If you are lucky enough to get a copy or have a copy of Photoshop CS5 there are some really cool features that are easy to use and very powerful. I will show you a few of those features in this tutorial and run you through some steps to test them out.

First here is the picture I am going to edit…

Open the image in a new layer in your photoshop.

The first thing I am going to do is use the quick mask tool and make a selection around the guy in the picture and copy him out.

To use the quick mask tool just go to “Select” on your menu bar and choose “Edit it quick mask mode”.

Once in quick mask mode zoom in and color over the areas you want to select with a brush tool

As you can see the part I want to select is covered by the mask.

Next on your menu bar go back to “Select” and choose “Load Selection…”

Hit ok on the window that pops up. Click “Select” again and and click “Edit in quick mask mode” again to remove the mask.

You should have a selection around the entire canvas. I want the selection to just be around the guy so I will invert it with the keyboard shortcut cmd+shift+i and on windows its ctrl+shift+i.

Copy and paste the selection into the canvas with cmd+c and cmd+v or substitute the ctrl key for PC.

Now I have 3 layers in my palette, the cut out I just made, the picture and the background.

Click the eye beside the cut-out layer to hide it. Click on the picture and I am going to duplicate it so I have one for backup. Right click on the layer and choose “duplicate layer…”

Now I will show you how to use the Content Aware feature new in photoshop CS5. It is a really cool feature! I don’t’ know about you but it was always difficult, tedious and sometimes time consuming to remove an object from an image and then blend the rest of the surroundings in perfectly.

So in this image now I want to make the image look like the guy isn’t even standing there. So I will grab my lasso tool and make a rough selection around the man in the picture. The selection doesn’t have to be perfect,

Now to use the tool, on your menu bar choose edit>>fill

Once you choose fill a window will pop up and in the “Use” drop down menu choose “Content-Aware”.. the default in mine was already set to that feature.

Now click ok and wait for it to load and see the magic!

Now that part of the image looks like this for me

As you can see, the removal wasn’t perfect but pretty close. Close enough to where it can be edited easily to make it look really good.

To fix these spots I will use the patch tool. So choose the patch tool in your tools.

The patch tool is also really easy to use, this isn’t a new feature in CS5 but its still a valuable one. To use this, its similar to the lasso tool in how you can make a selection around areas. First I will make a selection around an area I want to patch.

After making your selection click in the middle of the selection, still using the patch tool and you will notice your cursor looks like a patch with arrows pointing to the left and right. This is is telling you if you drag the selection to the right or left it will patch the area with a different piece of the image.

So while holding down shift I will drag to the right until the patch matches the area I am fixing. Holding down shift will lock the selection in a straight line so you don’t drag to a spot above or below it.

Once I do that it will fix the spot to look like the rest of the sky

Now I will use the same method to patch the other areas…

Here is my complete image now

Now unhide the cut out of the guy and I will run you through how to use the puppet warp tool. This would be easier to show in a video format but I will try to explain the best I can in this tutorial.

Basically the puppet warp tool allows you to distort body features just like it says, a puppet. Here is an image photoshop provides to give you an idea on what I mean:

So imagine the cut out we made is like that puppet. On your menu go to edit>>puppet warp.

And it will put a mesh around the body

Now your cursor will look like a push pin. Click on the image in the spots similar to the earlier image of the puppet.

Once you pick your spots click with your cursor on one of the yellow dots and move to experiment with this feature.

I will move the left hand first

Then you can tilt his head to the left or the right

Then you can bend his legs and anything else. Well thats all for this quick tutorial, you can use all of these new Photoshop CS5 tools to achieve some really good effects.

By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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