Should You Upgrade To The iPhone 3G S?

It seems like Apple releases different versions of the iPhone faster than people can upgrade. The newest model coming from Apple is of course the iPhone 3G S. If you’re just now coming around to purchasing an iPhone, then the 3G S is a no-brainer. However, if you already own an iPhone 3G is it worth upgrading to the S model?

The most significant upgrade you’ll find with iPhone 3G S is the overall performance. Everything on the iPhone 3G S works faster than the prior model. The kicker is that it’s a marginal increase. So, if you’re a stickler for speed then it’s worth upgrading. If the speed you currently have with your iPhone 3G pleases you, then there’s no need to upgrade.

Overall speed might not be a reason to upgrade, but one of the new extra features with the S might be. With the iPhone 3G S the ability to shoot, edit, and share video has been added. The handset uses VGA and can be shot in portrait or landscape. When you’ve shot your video, you can edit it by trimming your footage. Once you’re finished you can send your video via: email, MobileMe Gallery, YouTube, or sync it to your PC or Mac. This upgrade might actually be a selling point for many iPhone 3G users. If the ability to shoot video is a must, then the S is worth an upgrade.

To coincide with the addition of video, the camera has seen an upgrade as well. The lens is now 3-megapixel, so if you’re a quality junky when taking photos then upgrading might be for you.

A feature that will leave traveling iPhone users with a smile is voice control. I can tell you that having a voice control handset while you’re driving is a godsend. With the iPhone 3G S, your contacts and music are all voice activated. Again, if you are on the road a lot for business, an upgrade might be something to look into.

Overall, there isn’t one feature that universally warrants an upgrade to the iPhone 3G S. There are certain features that depending on how you use your phone, or want to use your phone that make a S upgrade look really attractive though.

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