Sharpening An Image (not the old fashioned way)

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to sharpen an image a lot better than just the average “sharpen” tool. I use this frequently since it’s a simple technique and can be used for a wide variety of images.

You’ll be sharpening this image:

Eagle Soaring img

Image taken in Homer Spit, Alaska.

Lets see the final result of this image:

Eagle Final img

Look between the two, there’s a considerable difference.

Okay, lets get started. Load the original image up.

Step 1; Duplicate Layer

Select the layer and press CTRL + J or right click > duplicate layer.

Step 2; Applying the filter…

Select the duplicated layer, go to Filter > Other > High Pass. Now set the value to around 1.0 pixels so it will grab all the edges of the image:

Step 3; Layer Blending Option

Now, with the high pass layer selected. Select the blending options of the layer and select Overlay. After you have done that, duplicate the layer once more to sharpen it a bit more.

Finished! You’re image should be looking crisper than ever! Any questions just comment and I’ll get back to you shortly…

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