SEO Tips – White Hat SEO Techniques

The search engines are waging a never ending battle against black hat SEO techniques. They tweak their algorithms, and bring in huge changes like the Panda, to clean up black hat results from search. If you or your SEO firm have been practicing black hat SEO, then beware, or the engines’ wrath may fall upon you.

Take the right road ahead- get on the White Hat SEO wagon, and see your site getting its desired position. With no risk of penalization from the engines or being whacked by the Panda.

The Best White Hat Techniques:

Explained below are the optimization techniques, that will not fail you, and take your site to the target audience and even achieve conversion goals.


Post the latest algorithm updates, content is the key to successful SEO. So you begin by having informative and relevant content on your site. And you can do these simple activities too.

Write Articles– Article Marketing is the basic and the first step to ethical SEO. Make sure you write articles that are unique, updated and highly relevant to your niche. Then submit the same to leading article sites. You must remember to have your prominent keywords in the title, description, anchor text. The anchor text must direct the reader to your site.

Post Blogs– You must write detailed and highly informative blogs on your niche, and post them on your site. You can also do guest posting on sites that are related to your niche. To find the sites looking for guest bloggers, look at place like-

When you guest post, remember to leave a link back to your site for reference. Have the keywords in the title for best results. You can ask for fellow bloggers in the site to link to you, but again make sure that your site is top notch in content and the information, that you are driving people for, towards your site.

Linking– Social is the way to drive huge and targeted traffic to your site. It will work for you, if you come across as a genuine person and make a connect with your user base.

Forum Signatures– Forums are the most trusted source of information and knowledge exchange on any topic or niche. You have to find the ones in your niche that are the most influential, and post there. They allow you to have links in your signature, so you comment on a post, give an answer, and leave your signature behind with your link and keywords in the same.

Blog Commenting– Get around to the prominent and influential blogs/write ups in your niche and leave quality comments and drop your links in the comment area. Do not go overboard here. Do not spam. The comment must be informative and insightful. Something like- “Great Post” will not work. You have to gain credibility as an avid member of the niche, and hence you must sound informed.

Video Marketing– Using videos to make an instant impact on the users can be a very effective White hat SEO technique. YouTube and other popular video websites are the best place to start promoting your site. Create a few videos with your keywords in them, post them on the sites with links to your site, and keywords in your description. More on video SEO here.

Also, keep commenting on related videos as well, and contact people for guests posts etc. They may respond well as they are from your niche.

You can also do an advanced Google search to find sites which you can contact to get links from.

One such search example is- intitle:add+url “keyword phrase”

More on Linking here.

Social– Social is the new SEO, this is the thought that is prevailing in SEO chatrooms these days. You can use the same for White Hat SEO too. The key here is to make a real connection with the users. So that they share your content of their free will, and it spreads as people tend to believe what their acquaintances say, rather than strangers.

Networking Sites– Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the latest Google+ have a huge user base, and you can use that. Set up a page here, add all your information, and keep posting the latest happenings-articles and pictures. Indulge users by putting up interesting posts. Interact with them and make a connect. You have to be social on social network.

On these networks, follow the sites/people that are in your niche and can be very influential. Get them to share your content. And see your stuff go viral. More on leveraging social media here.

The takeaways-

When it comes to White Hat SEO, in the current scenario, it boils down to one thing- Content. You have to create content that is original-interesting and relevant for the users. Also it must be search engine friendly too. Achieving the same will prove to be a fail safe formula for search engine ranking success.



By Navneet Kaushal

Nav is the founder and CEO of Page Traffic, a premier search engine company known for its assured SEO service, web design and development, copywriting and full time SEO professionals. Navneet has wide experience in natural search engine optimization, internet marketing and PPC campaigns. He is a prolific writer and his articles can be found in the "Best Articles" section of many websites and article banks. As a search engine analyst , he has over 9 years of experience and his knowledge is in application here.