Scrap Paper Effect for Google Ads

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a burnt scrap paper effect. This has been found useful in optimizing Google Ads and making them “pop” and stand out a little more.
The results you will get are slightly different each time. This is one of my results:
result image - photoshop tutorial

Step 1 – The Background

First create a new document and make the background. I used a 300×300 canvas.
I made my background by filling the canvas with #816637, then applying Filter > Noise > Add Noise with a setting of 1.8.
noise applied - photoshop tutorial
Lastly I applied Filter > Brush Strokes > Angled Strokes with default options. I then faded the Angled Strokes by 50%, Edit > Fade.
angled strokes applied - learn photoshop

Step 2 – Starting the Paper

Start by getting the Pen Tool and making a path.
pen tool and path - photoshop tutorial
In the above image you can see where to get the Pen Tool from, and also the path that I made.
To make a path, all you have to do is click on the canvas, click somewhere else, then anywhere else, then finish the path by clicking the starting point again.
Turn your path into a selection by right clicking it with the Pen Tool still active, click Make Selection, the default settings should be fine.
make selection - photoshop tutorial
Now create a new layer and fill the selection with a light-greyish-brown, I used #f4f1e9.
filled with color - photoshop tutorial

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