Save MySQL Campaign Collects Over 21,000 Signatures

Monty Widenius and his “Save MySQL!” site have been fairly busy. Following a launch in late December, they’ve collected the signatures of about 21,000 people who feel that Oracle shouldn’t be allowed to exercise control over the world’s most popular open source database.

Exactly 21,179 people – or 93.5 percent of the folks who have signed up on the site so far – favor the suggest solution that “MySQL must be divested to a suitable third party that can continue to develop it under the GPL.”

59.3 percent of the individuals who have forked over their email addresses also believe that “Oracle must release all past and future versions of MySQL (until December 2012) under the Apache Software License 2.0 or similar permissive license so that developers of applications and derived versions (forks) have flexibility concerning the code.”

Finally, 58.1 percent of the voters back the idea that “Oracle must commit to a linking exception for applications that use MySQL with the client libraries (for all programming languages), for plugins and libmysqld. MySQL itself remains licensed under the GPL.”

Since there’s probably not too much time left before European regulators approve or deny Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, anybody else who wants to make his (or her) voice heard should probably weigh in soon. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to influence the decision, but it’s not certain you won’t, either.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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