Samsung Shows Off Wide Array Of Products At CES 2010

Samsung made a huge splash at CES this year, showing off remarkable hi-def TV products, all the way to the tiny e-readers which have become quite popular. Each product displayed interesting new features which should prove useful for many modern homes.

All three forms of HDTVs were shown off, consisting of Plasmas, LEDs, and LCDs. Each line will range in screen size from 19 inches to 65 inches. A new feature Samsung displayed is something called ‘Allshare’. This allows consumers to connect their TV to various devices in the home, some examples being: digital cameras, computers, mobile devices, and more.

The new line of Samsung TVs will be connected to the Samsung App Store. Here, viewers can download special apps designed for their television sets. They range from gaming apps, to information, to TV show/channel specific apps.

The higher end models will allow users to view content in 3D. Using the processor in the TVs, 2D content will be able to render into 3D.

Along with the HDTVs, Samsung’s e-readers made a buzz at the show. They’ll be releasing 4 e-readers onto the market this year, with screen sizes ranging from 5in – 10in. Samsung will be partnering with Google Books to stock the readers.

You can expect all of the products featured in the video to be available in the first half of 2010

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