Samsung Holds Smart TV Dev Day

A TV that allows viewers to look up all sorts of programming, plus check the weather, shop, and accomplish many other things, holds a lot of promise for both consumers and developers.  And Samsung wants to speed up its spread with what it’s calling a “Free the TV Developer Day.”

The event’s taking place at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, and in an email to DevWebPro, a Samsung representative described it as “a global effort to . . . to help developers, content providers and application enthusiasts join the Smart TV era, and transform the viewing experience at home.”

That’s not much of an overstatement, either.  Steve Wozniak has lent his support to the idea, along with people from Best Buy, CNET, ESPN, and Pandora, which gives Samsung a lot of credibility.

A live stream of today’s events is available at the official Free the TV site if you’re interested in tuning in.

Let’s just hope the cost of Smart TVs stays down and the technology doesn’t have to compete with the eye-popping concept of 3D TV.

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By Doug Caverly

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